We apply AI to important social challenges.

We work with your organization (company, university, non-profit, government) on using advanced technology to solve problems in a way that contributes to a better future on this earth. You'll work hand-in-hand with a group of extremely talented Rhodes Scholars over a fast-paced two months. We focus on building things: we create code, a presentation, a report, or whatever is needed to actually address the problem in the real world.

At the same time, you're investing in the development of the RAIL team. Your expertise and guidance, as well as challenging problem, is a direct investment into future leaders. We believe in the value of interdisciplinary leaders well-versed in technology and the technique of solving hard problems.

Our work results in code you can use, academic publications, and scalable technology.

You can read about our first results here.

Projects that inspire our work are:


Timing Action
March - April 10, 2017 Work with RAIL to scope your problem, define data to be used and deliverable desired, and agree to terms.
April 10 - 24 2017 Formation of your suitable project team.
April 24 - June 2017 RAIL project team works
July 2017 Deliverable presented. Hold conversations to identify maximal impact and learnings for your organization.

You are key to the project's success.

We are serious about driving a valuable outcome for you. You are a critical piece of this process. At minimum, we expect a once-weekly Skype call, as well as back-and-forth emails. We sincerely believe that you'll be exposed to powerful insights in the process.

We're a dedicated, selective team of talented individuals.

The result of a late night conversation (and years of work experience) between Brody Foy (Queensland & New College, 2015) and Logan Graham (British Columbia & Balliol, 2015), RAIL's mission is to harness the power of AI to tackle meaningful challenges, while providing students a unique opportunity to develop their skills.

The entire RAIL team is composed of current Rhodes Scholars, from all backgrounds. A sample of backgrounds include: