We're a dedicated team of talented individuals.

Each team of Rhodes Scholars and Oxford students consists of a mix of technical (e.g. DPhil/MSc students in AI, Computer Science, Statistics, Mathematics) and non-technical consultants or domain experts, depending on the nature of the problem. For example, a team working on a public health project may have an epidemiologist, a junior doctor, and a public policy student.

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Engineers tackle the technical side of projects by coding machine learning (ML)-powered solutions to challenging problems using large-scale data.

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Strategists contextualize projects by providing subject-specific knowledge, considering ethical and practical limitations, and driving social impact.

The entire RAIL team is composed of current Rhodes Scholars, from all backgrounds. A sample of backgrounds include:

  • DPhil/MSc in Computer Science, Engineering Science, Mathematics and Statistics

  • Self-driving car & drone engineers

  • Junior doctors

  • Quantitative researchers

  • MPP & MBA students

  • Startup founders